Thursday, August 4, 2011

...time for catch up!

Well, I guess its been quite awhile since this thing has been updated. The latest blog said April the final countdown is on. Now its August (yikes!) and the countdowns done been counted down, but here we go.

This summer has been crazy busy. Starting out in May, the wedding was what I'd call a success. We both showed up, both were dressed properly, had the rings, and ended it with an "I do." and a kiss. I think the style of it really was 'us'. I know everyone says that but it really was. It was great to have my family down from South Dakota to get a glimpse of the life I've (Scotty) built for myself.

(picture by

After the wedding of course comes the honeymoon. We took a cruise to Cozumel Mexico and it was a lot of fun. En route to Cozumel was a stop in Progresso Mexico, which was my favorite part. We went into the city and went shopping and wheeling n' dealing. Shopping in Mexico is alot of fun, but when isn't shopping fun when you only have to spend about 20 dollars and walk away with a whole lot of loot. Cozumel was fun as well, we choose as a part of our package an inclusive beach resort where we went kayaking out to the ocean, swim, fish chasin, and relaxing with free drinks. We both loved the five day cruise, but agreed that the next cruise will be with a group of friends and look forward to it!

After returning from the cruise, we got off our boat in Galveston and went on to Port Aransas on Padre Island and spent time with Alessa's dad's family. Which was fun as well, before honeymoon I had never seen the ocean so spending about ten days on it was an experience for sure. We came back to Stephenville and started to settle in the house together. Before the wedding I was living in it alone, and it finally felt good to have a roommate that I know isn't going to go off and get married and leave me looking for another place to live. (Rem, Jimmy, and Aaron - all previous roommates who married and left me in such situation, but understandable :D )
When we returned also, our corgi "Cooper" was missing. We arent sure if he was stolen for sure but we are leaning towards that after hearing many other stories about puppy theives on the prowl. So we decided to get another dog, we tried a boxer "Harley" but he just didnt work out. So we went searching for another corgi dog, and thats where Bentley Micheal comes into the picture. He already is showing the character and personality that corgis are known for. We feel like he is an appropriate replacement for Cooper.

Other than all that big news, our summer has been filled with plenty of time on the water. Experiencing one of the hottest summers in Texas history is one that we will be glad to see in the history books. We went to a family reunion on Lake Proctor, spent some time on the lake in San Angelo where I got some critical boat driving lessons, plenty trips back to T-Dubb and Jefferys for pool time, and a quick trip to Kansas to see my niece, nephew, and sister. One of my brothers has moved to Stephenville so we've spent time with him and my little brother has been coming now and then so the world is starting to tilt off its axis after three (now four) O'Bryans get together. On top of that there was only about a hundred College Life weddings, along with Wyatt Reign Hatcher and Brayden James Hammond coming into the world, I'd say we and our friends are growing up!

Now is the ending to this blog, I know I've promised "to keep up on this blog " - this time I swear, kind of. Hope this finds you just as happy and healthy. Happy trails to you and may the Good Lord smile on you daily.... and all that stuff when you wish people good things at good-byes :).

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Well April...its the final countdown!

CRUNCH TIME!! As the final month of school is narrowing down a bit theres always that rushed feeling for the final month. Wedding is in T minus 36 days! And getting settled into the new house. I think we are both ready for the wedding to get here so after that the worry of school and putting together an awesome wedding are both accomplished and we can get to just having a normal life and a summer. With everything thats gone on in our lives the past year, and all the "Compassion" push thats happening at the church, and of course the movie To Save a Life. We are really starting to think outside our box. It seems the past few weeks both of us have been more concerned with how people are in the outside world, and I think thats how it should be. As Christians we forget that as of the day of our salvation, its no longer about us. God first, people second, and then us. So I think thats been a big push in our daily life trying to get accomplished. And its turning out. But just be prayin for us to start letting stress of school go, life to settle and SLOW DOWN! and for us to keep this feeling of wanting to do something greater for someone else. OH, and heres a few pictures of daily life the past few weeks... just to keep you updated if your note following us on facebook.

Cooper the FROG DOG... hes a goober.

He does like to take rides now and again. This is us and Alessas nephew Cash...he's also a bit of a chunk..

And this is us at our photobooth at the wedding shower.. crazy i know.. but stay tuned!